What I’d like to see more in Hip Hop.

8 01 2009

I often ponder about Hip Hop, what went wrong with it, and what I can do to fix it. Well, I can’t. All I can do is keep making dope music lol.

What do I want to see more in Hip Hop though?


I want to see more people take chances. Go outside of the “status quo” Zig instead of zagging. Stand up for something and say “no. This shit is wrong”. Not brave cause it’s a fad. But brave cause it’s Hip Hop.

Hip Hop changed, to me, because instead of it being from the inside out, it is now from the outside in. Sorta like when you’re rapping/drawing/excercising a talent, and you know no one is watching, you can put a lot of craziness, hidden gems, inside jokes, etc. It’s just you having fun.

But when you know other people are watching, and those people could possibly give you reward, it becomes a bit unnatural. You start performing for other people, as opposed to simply doing what you want. And instead of you setting the trend, they set the trend for you. Not. Cool.

Now I agree that everyone should get paid for what they do. As long as they do themselves.

This factor, I believe, curtailed much of the bravery and bold moves. Hip Hop is an art based off of bravery, bold moves, innovation, and creativity. No, not being creative because it’s popular. I’m talkin about b-boy shit.

I thoroughly enjoy being a member of Detroit CYDI. Simply because we’ve basically thrown out the textbooks and manuals and “this is how you make a rap song” formats and said “if it sounds good, put it down” That’s what music is, and that is what we do.

If you’ve heard THE RHYMING DICTIONARY, good.  We aim to bring you the same-or better- quality in the future. If not, hurry up and download it before we change our minds and start charing for it..lol.

– sean uppercut.




One response

8 01 2009
Brother G.A.M.

I applaud your announcement. I too feel that the “inside joke” is what’s missing in a lot of hip hop, but that’s indicative in list of personal favorite artists like People Under The Stairs where every record they do sounds like an inside joke.

Actually, my favorite records in the last few years have this feeling of said act is on their own shit. While they may know it’s different, it may not have been on purpose but it still happened. That’s the way I like it, with an avoidance of care.

Keep on doing what you guys are doing. I know you are going to continue to do awesome music with such an attitude.

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