13 01 2009

A Hip Hop.  A crotch grabbing, b-boy stancing, mega-machismo posturing contest.

A competition.

well. sorta like. One of the things that I like most about Hip Hop is the challenge. The challenge to other artists. The challenge to the audience and listeners. The challenge to yourself. Kinda like a rap mirror match lol.

well….use ta like. Amongst other things, I am inspired by challenge. One of the reasons I got into Hip Hop at the young age of 12 was to “write something as great as illmatic” To take down, or equal the best album I had heard to date would be a feat of accomplishment for me.

With the last couple years, and the pointless rap battles (never mind the diminishing quality of emceeing) I feel that the competition is watered down. I hear things, very rarely, that get me to pick up my pen and pad and say…okay. I must top this.

I take it we must be the change in the world we want to see…as far as lyrically, beatually, and musically. A little competition never hurt, ehh?

– sean upps.




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