The Rhyming Dictionary – Directors’ Cut Vol 1 – “The Easy Edition”

16 03 2009

Don’t you wish that stacks of cash rained from the sky (and not in a strip club environment)?

Or that Cinnabons and chocolate cakes gave you a totally ripped body?

Or that life-altering, fun producing, baby-making music was available a click away?

Well, I’ll be real with you. The first two will never happen. BUT we do have the music covered…. 😀

To celebrate umm…a holiday somewhere, we’ve decided to make it super easy to listen to “The Rhyming Dictionary”. Funner than a day at Chuck E. Cheese, but with lots less germs. Just click on that there link above. More commentary, more videos, and more awesome.

Every day this week, we’ll put up more tracks from the album. If you’re saavy enough, you might even find a download link. And as always, let us know what you think (good, bad, ugly, and honest) It’s all on us. Let’s go people!

Detroit CYDI – Very. Dope. Music.




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