The Rhyming Dictionary – Directors’ Cut Vol 2. The St. Patty’s Edition.

17 03 2009


If you’re a real st. patty’s day pro, you’ve been up since last night, and you’re actually just waking up from passing out. And you have a glass of green beer in your hand ready to do it again 😀

If you’re not, you’re like me, working, perfecting, practicing, and tweaking to put out music that will one day save the world.

But whatever you’re doing, do it to the fullest. Life isn’t supposed to be lived halfassed. And that includes what you decide to listen to. We have here, two more full-ass songs…”Too cool” and ” Based on a true story” People say they’re dope. I dunno. You have to listen for yourself 🙂

More details later…mwahahaha




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