This article will make you angry…

29 04 2009

No it wont lol. I’m just fuckin with you. Sean Uppercut here. This article brings up a good question (that should have been asked about 8 years ago)

Has Hip Hop really run out of ideas?

Not on topic, but highly relevant. My view on Hip Hop is that it first started out as an “inside-out” culture. We, as Hip Hop people decided what Hip Hop was, and how it would be put out to the world. Being an emcee was an honor; you were selected to “rep” where you came from and broadcast to the world your particular experience, struggle, and corresponding artwork…

Then, it had transformed into an “outside-in” culture. As opposed to Hip Hop defining itself from the inside, it was dictated by the corporations; corporations that would offer large mega sums of money. I mean, money is good. I like money, in fact im rolling around in 100 dollar euro bills as I write this lol. But when you corporatize something that essentially was a grassroots movement it begins to lose it’s flair and uniquness.

A bunch of stuffy 60 year old execs eating their “boiled goose” [ who value structure, rigidity, predicitability] determining the growth of a hip hop movement that is based off of  [ creativity, energy, unpredictability] is a bit absurd…They’d be more suited to run a bank into the ground lol.

Recently, I’ve seen the shift back into the “inside-out” culture. With major labels folding (re: not being able to make money off of rap) and technology making music more available (with equipment and the internets), artists have everything they need…to achieve the goal of music…to let the people decide what they’d like to listen to…

which is a great thing for detroit CYDI.

– sean uppercutz.




One response

29 04 2009

So I’m viewing the question as separate from the body of the entry… soo

entry: i completely agree and the same reason the banks are crashing i would argue is the same reason (or partially so) that the major labels are folding…essentially they’re controlled by the same people so it makes sense that both are failing

question: I don’t think Hip Hop has run out of ideas, i think the main topics in the music have become exhausted, which is why a lot of (1) songs sounds the same (2) songs like stanky leg come out (3) people have lost the ability to be innovative artists and end up one hit wonders and make no creative investment in having extended careers but there are definitely artists who can fill this niche that others cant and those are the people I believe we’ll see come to the forefront and thats what im excited to see–versatile individuals who can bring flavor from different genres to hip hop, different intellectual backgrounds, different types of flow, etc–this will bring that “flair and uniqueness” back to its rightful place when those artists get their limelight

(note for point 2: if we put the stanky leg in the same category as snap music–we’ll see people are not talking as much about drugs, etc. but are trying to give people music that they can dance to, which is reflective of the culture in the south in addition to ppl like Jeezy, Gucci Man (cant stand them), and other artists from that way)…so even as horrible as people claim snap music to be, i still would rather my kids listen to that than something that goes ‘shoot em bang bang’, know what i mean? so i think giving people something to dance to that still is rap has been an alternative and something recently embraced nationally, even as a guilty pleasure…something i think is a good feel good dance song and is like creative is Go Baby by Lupe and a couple of his other tracks)…

this is long, sad, bye!

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