29 04 2009
The Album Cover

The Album Cover

Yoski Whoaski

Illingsworth here….I had to take a break from this audio dissection to let you know about an AWESOME project…my homie Jay Dun has just released his album “Aviator” at http://jaydun.com

he’s on itunes, he’s on amazon, if you want a hard copy of the album with booklet and liner notes, he’s got that too….PLUS, your boy Illingsworth produced the lion’s share of the album…for those who enjoy my production, this album is a must have, not to mention, we got producers J Grahm and Marc Byrd also bringing the hot fiery production (they actually produced my two favorite joints on the project, The Reaping and Skywalker respectively)

so enough talking, go check out www.jaydun.com


-Illingsworth escapes through the roof to his awaiting fish-powered glider (what?)




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