CYDI Slang Dictionary: Entry 1

12 05 2009

Welcome, and thank you for reading the first entry into the CYDI Slang Dictionary.


This word has been around for a good while, but, for what ever reason, is the IT shit to have right now. The number of times you hear the word in any given hour on an urban radio station is abhorrent. The thing about swagger is (and feel free to disagree with me) it is something you are supposed to exude. Swagger is supposed to ooze from your pores. It is something you are supposed to walk…not talk. Yet all you hear is “No one on the corner has swagger like us” this and “My swagger is Mick Jagger” that.

With that being the case, we have created a new…how should I put this…orientation for these unnecessarily boisterous peter-puffers: Swaggots.

Swaggot (n): 1. a person, most likely an African-American male with delusions of grandeur, that will declare his ownership of unquantifiable amounts of swagger to anyone that will listen; therein actually disqualifying said swagger.
2. asshole.

Please return soon for the next installment.




One response

13 05 2009

LOL at definition 2 lol … the other day i was listenin to 95.5 and i heard a song referencing “single girl swag” … sigh, apparently no one else has heard this song b/c no one knows what im talking about…i really dont want anyone else to hear it either though b/c the song is terrible… but yeah, just when i thought all the swaggotry stopped, here pops another song that is quite the opposite of your def’n 1…replace ‘African-American male’ with ‘White Female Pop Singer’…

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