A Human Being a Human Being

20 07 2009


NEWS FLASH! We are animals. That basically means we are born, we eat, we fight, we dance, we sleep, we sing, we have sex, and we die. During that lifespan, animals discover their various super powers. Some fly, others swim, and a multitude of others. As homo sapiens, our gift is the overly developed brain. Since we have the ability, we must use it more wisely.
We do all those things our other animal friends do, but we aren’t handicapped by a “script.” Nature doesn’t have to predetermine our actions. We can do what we want. But sometimes we forget that. We are, after all, animals. And some of us easily fall back into the most basic of needs and animalistic desires.
As the old adage goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Choice is a great power. And some choose not to use it. That leads to all types of brutal rapes, merciless killings, and anything in between that makes people seem like they have lost their humanity.
Which leads to the title. There are many situations, justified or not, where tapping into one’s inner beast is seemingly appropriate. Personally, I don’t know what I would be capable of if made mad enough. Which is why I am a human being a human being. And I hope to never be described as anything other than that. I can hate without destroying. I can love without tormenting. Most importantly, I can consider the consequences of my actions. As long as I am committed to being human(e) in all that I do, I think we are all better off. Moreover, if everyone else shared that same commitment… oh, the possibilities.

From the mind of Rufio Jones




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