The Rhyming Dictionary One-Year Anniversary. Can You Dig It?

25 10 2009

Extra-balling TRD cover, photo by Jason Matthews
Photo by Jason Matthews of

If you aren’t familiar, we are Detroit CYDI. Our most-mighty members include Doctor Illingsworth, Sean Uppercut, and Rufio Jones. We released a little collection of jingles by the name of The Rhyming Dictionary or TRD, for short, on December 25th of 2008 ( , Get it if you don’t got it). It featured production by myself, Illingsworth, and Mr. Erik L of Sweden (Erik L on Myspace or Erik L on Twitter). Welp, we’ve been grinding it out in the time in between, doing shows, meeting great people, connecting with all kinds of fantastic artists, and just generally having a ball. But the time is fastly approaching to hit you with something AGAIN. So check it, December 25th of 2009, we’ll be hitting you with The Rhyming Thesaurus, a special remix project, celebrating the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of TRD featuring some of the excellent work of people we’ve been able to build with in this time of progression. So stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted with our latest exploits and upcoming craziness. Follow us on twitter, Detroit CYDI on Twitter , Illingsworth on Twitter , Rufio Jones on Twitter , and Sean Uppercut on Twitter , OR, if you’re a Facebook Purist, Detroit CYDI on Facebook

Extra-balling TRT cover by Sean Anthony Mack of
Extra-balling TRT cover by Sean Anthony Mack of

Can You Dig It? = CYDI

***ILLINGSWORTH flies off in Ironman Suit***




One response

25 10 2009
Terrence Tac One Williams

That’s what’s up! Loved what I’ve heard so far. Most excellent christmas gift.

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