Things to Do in Detroit, CYDI?!

19 04 2010

Here are a list of places of the top of my head that will help you have a great time in Detroit:

5 Elements Gallery

Volt in the Renaissance Center


A Shitty Day By Rufio Jones

7 04 2010

A shitty day can only last 24 hours
8 of which you SHOULD be asleep during
(If you listen to your doctor’s recommendations, of course)
Some lucky people work for 8 of those (AND don’t mind it)
60 minutes should suffice to get ready for that job
I’m going to guess 30 minutes to drive there and back (and even park)
Let’s say you spend 3 hours preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner
I’ll spot you a half hour to ingest those meals
30 more minutes to… ahem… get rid of those meals
Another half hour to kick your shoes off and relax properly
(Or at least to play around on the internet)
Maybe an hour nap after all that digestive work
Give an hour to your favorite television show
(FINE! Or your favorite book…sheesh)
Ummm… you don’t have time to have a shitty day.