Detroit CYDI reinvented the Rick-Roll

27 02 2010

(If you don’t know what a RICKROLL is , go here first The RickRoll is not sushi…Or is it? )

So we had a show at the Vernor Room in the Croofoot….It was amazing. We shared the stage with Doc Waffles, SelfSays, and a score of dope improvisational comedic actors…Detroit CYDI got to perform in front of a bunch of new folks, we got to laugh, and we also got to do some freestyles for the crowd. It was really cool getting to see the Improv comics doing their own freestyling…I have a lot of respect for any art that demands that you fly by the seat of your pants, while skillfully adapting to the situation. Speaking of respect….DOC WAFFLES……This man is BEASTLY….He did the greatest freestyle about various Detroit Tigers Baseball legends…The premise was this…You call out the name of a Tigers baseball legend and he then freestyles about them being on Meth….Greatest ever…Also, Sean Uppercut suggested that we Rick-Roll Rufio Jones at the show….So MY evil plan was to turn the tables….I decided that Mr. Uppercut would be the victim of that sweet blue-eyed soul….So we’re performing the song, and it gets to the part where Sean thinks that Ruf is gonna get RR’d BUT things proceed as normal. He gives me a funny look and we continue. So it gets to the part where Sean is supposed to rhyme and that all too familiar intro interrupts. The crowd recognizes it and everybody is singing Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Great moment. Anyways, that was only the tip of the iceberg…I can’t share it all but we should have some video soon….Stay tuned 🙂

– Illingsworth Out ****Walks out of the nearest window and falls UP****

***UPDATE*** Detroit CYDI Rick-Roll Video….


Buik LaCrose For Sale!

22 07 2009

Now I’ve seen a few knockoffs in my day. I’ve seen gym shoes called Addias. I’ve seen Panasoanic batteries. I’ve even seen a slim, white DVD player called a Wee (which slays me, by the way). But never, in all my days, have I seen a knockoff car until I went to the gas station. I give you the Buik Lacrose:

Notice no 'C' fell off.

Notice no 'C' fell off.

Yes friends, there should be a second 'S,' but no.

Yes friends, there should be a second 'S,' but no.

The crowning jewel... the upside-down Buick emblem.

The crowning jewel... the upside-down Buick emblem.

There you have it! The pictures tell no lies.

i be….

2 06 2009

greatness from “bamboozled” by Spike Lee….

“kick em to the flo’/ step on them hard”

CYDI Slang Dictionary: Entry 1

12 05 2009

Welcome, and thank you for reading the first entry into the CYDI Slang Dictionary.


This word has been around for a good while, but, for what ever reason, is the IT shit to have right now. The number of times you hear the word in any given hour on an urban radio station is abhorrent. The thing about swagger is (and feel free to disagree with me) it is something you are supposed to exude. Swagger is supposed to ooze from your pores. It is something you are supposed to walk…not talk. Yet all you hear is “No one on the corner has swagger like us” this and “My swagger is Mick Jagger” that.

With that being the case, we have created a new…how should I put this…orientation for these unnecessarily boisterous peter-puffers: Swaggots.

Swaggot (n): 1. a person, most likely an African-American male with delusions of grandeur, that will declare his ownership of unquantifiable amounts of swagger to anyone that will listen; therein actually disqualifying said swagger.
2. asshole.

Please return soon for the next installment.

Feed Popeye’s Chicken to ‘Yah Enemieeeeeeees

7 05 2009

Anything that makes people act like this is pure EVIL.

Ahhh…Popeye’s Chicken. Those cajun-fried chicken slangin, butter biscuit baking, non-spinach having bastards. Popeye’s is made of unspecified bird, cajun spices, trans fats, and the main ingredient:

Raw. Uncut. Laziness.

How a food item can be filled with a behavior is beyond me. But I guarantee this. If even a morsel of Popeye’s gets into your system, NOTHING will get accomplished until [re: if ] you wake up the next day.


In the middle of a writing session, detroit CYDI went to Popeye’s to snatch up some vittles. We were coming off an hour so productive and creative, it would make Diddy look like (insert rapper that was hot two years ago). Upon eating this “food”, however, our productivity was dropped to the level of (insert rapper that was hot three years ago). How a 3 pc combo meal could uncreativatize the legendary detroit CYDI crew confused me…until we then realized the plan:

Popeye’s chicken is a conspiracy again anyone trying to achieve any level of success.

Rival team about to win the NBA championship? Send them boxes of strips and biscuits.

Over-achieving classmate ‘ucking up the curve? Slip some chicken into their starbucks.

Wack rapper that wont stfu? Hit ’em with the 8 pieces for $5 meal deal.

Popeye’s makes you lazy, hate-filled, and unproductive. The three main traits of a fucking hater ass wack rapper, detroit CYDI’s arch enemy. So here’s the plan. Let’s feed wack rappers Popeye’s Chicken. They’ll get so grease filled that they won’t be able to do anything. Wonder why rap music got so wack? Zactly. Cause Popeye’s is JUMPIN now. After eating this poison, the only rapping one could do is to mumble two word phrases that describe their slothy state.

i.e. “shirt off”, “stanky leg”, “my left arm is numb”

Popeye’s chicken is marketed to the poor, the widows, and the fatherless in order to keep them that way. It is a C-O-N-spiracy.

i won’t even front though, that shit was DELICIOUS.

– a sean uppercut psa.

Pay Sean Uppercut $25,000 dollars. He will impregnate your wife.

28 04 2009

Sigh. I know it’s a hard job. I’ll have to work long hours. It’s a career that I’ll work hard to be “on top” of. But I, Sean Uppercut will impregnate your wife, for 25,000 dollars.

Haha naw, but check out the story. FAIL!

maus is a WINNER...oh wait...he LOST too lol

maus is a WINNER...oh wait...he LOST too lol

…courtesy of failblog

– uppercutimus maximus, latimus dorsi