Things to Do in Detroit, CYDI?!

19 04 2010

Here are a list of places of the top of my head that will help you have a great time in Detroit:

5 Elements Gallery

Volt in the Renaissance Center


Detroit CYDI reinvented the Rick-Roll

27 02 2010

(If you don’t know what a RICKROLL is , go here first The RickRoll is not sushi…Or is it? )

So we had a show at the Vernor Room in the Croofoot….It was amazing. We shared the stage with Doc Waffles, SelfSays, and a score of dope improvisational comedic actors…Detroit CYDI got to perform in front of a bunch of new folks, we got to laugh, and we also got to do some freestyles for the crowd. It was really cool getting to see the Improv comics doing their own freestyling…I have a lot of respect for any art that demands that you fly by the seat of your pants, while skillfully adapting to the situation. Speaking of respect….DOC WAFFLES……This man is BEASTLY….He did the greatest freestyle about various Detroit Tigers Baseball legends…The premise was this…You call out the name of a Tigers baseball legend and he then freestyles about them being on Meth….Greatest ever…Also, Sean Uppercut suggested that we Rick-Roll Rufio Jones at the show….So MY evil plan was to turn the tables….I decided that Mr. Uppercut would be the victim of that sweet blue-eyed soul….So we’re performing the song, and it gets to the part where Sean thinks that Ruf is gonna get RR’d BUT things proceed as normal. He gives me a funny look and we continue. So it gets to the part where Sean is supposed to rhyme and that all too familiar intro interrupts. The crowd recognizes it and everybody is singing Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Great moment. Anyways, that was only the tip of the iceberg…I can’t share it all but we should have some video soon….Stay tuned 🙂

– Illingsworth Out ****Walks out of the nearest window and falls UP****

***UPDATE*** Detroit CYDI Rick-Roll Video….

Tasherre interviews Detroit CYDI and Blake Eerie

26 04 2009

Here’s an impromptu interview with Tasherre D’Enajetic (, featuring a cameo by Stryfe (  and Blake Eerie (….and let us not forget, if you don’t have The Rhyming Dictionary, hit up and drop it in your face…..PEACE

(special shout to Wanja, Erik L ( and everyone that has shown Detroit CYDI love….)


13 01 2009

A Hip Hop.  A crotch grabbing, b-boy stancing, mega-machismo posturing contest.

A competition.

well. sorta like. One of the things that I like most about Hip Hop is the challenge. The challenge to other artists. The challenge to the audience and listeners. The challenge to yourself. Kinda like a rap mirror match lol.

well….use ta like. Amongst other things, I am inspired by challenge. One of the reasons I got into Hip Hop at the young age of 12 was to “write something as great as illmatic” To take down, or equal the best album I had heard to date would be a feat of accomplishment for me.

With the last couple years, and the pointless rap battles (never mind the diminishing quality of emceeing) I feel that the competition is watered down. I hear things, very rarely, that get me to pick up my pen and pad and say…okay. I must top this.

I take it we must be the change in the world we want to see…as far as lyrically, beatually, and musically. A little competition never hurt, ehh?

– sean upps.