Detroit CYDI reinvented the Rick-Roll

27 02 2010

(If you don’t know what a RICKROLL is , go here first The RickRoll is not sushi…Or is it? )

So we had a show at the Vernor Room in the Croofoot….It was amazing. We shared the stage with Doc Waffles, SelfSays, and a score of dope improvisational comedic actors…Detroit CYDI got to perform in front of a bunch of new folks, we got to laugh, and we also got to do some freestyles for the crowd. It was really cool getting to see the Improv comics doing their own freestyling…I have a lot of respect for any art that demands that you fly by the seat of your pants, while skillfully adapting to the situation. Speaking of respect….DOC WAFFLES……This man is BEASTLY….He did the greatest freestyle about various Detroit Tigers Baseball legends…The premise was this…You call out the name of a Tigers baseball legend and he then freestyles about them being on Meth….Greatest ever…Also, Sean Uppercut suggested that we Rick-Roll Rufio Jones at the show….So MY evil plan was to turn the tables….I decided that Mr. Uppercut would be the victim of that sweet blue-eyed soul….So we’re performing the song, and it gets to the part where Sean thinks that Ruf is gonna get RR’d BUT things proceed as normal. He gives me a funny look and we continue. So it gets to the part where Sean is supposed to rhyme and that all too familiar intro interrupts. The crowd recognizes it and everybody is singing Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Great moment. Anyways, that was only the tip of the iceberg…I can’t share it all but we should have some video soon….Stay tuned 🙂

– Illingsworth Out ****Walks out of the nearest window and falls UP****

***UPDATE*** Detroit CYDI Rick-Roll Video….


The Rhyming Dictionary One-Year Anniversary. Can You Dig It?

25 10 2009

Extra-balling TRD cover, photo by Jason Matthews
Photo by Jason Matthews of

If you aren’t familiar, we are Detroit CYDI. Our most-mighty members include Doctor Illingsworth, Sean Uppercut, and Rufio Jones. We released a little collection of jingles by the name of The Rhyming Dictionary or TRD, for short, on December 25th of 2008 ( , Get it if you don’t got it). It featured production by myself, Illingsworth, and Mr. Erik L of Sweden (Erik L on Myspace or Erik L on Twitter). Welp, we’ve been grinding it out in the time in between, doing shows, meeting great people, connecting with all kinds of fantastic artists, and just generally having a ball. But the time is fastly approaching to hit you with something AGAIN. So check it, December 25th of 2009, we’ll be hitting you with The Rhyming Thesaurus, a special remix project, celebrating the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of TRD featuring some of the excellent work of people we’ve been able to build with in this time of progression. So stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted with our latest exploits and upcoming craziness. Follow us on twitter, Detroit CYDI on Twitter , Illingsworth on Twitter , Rufio Jones on Twitter , and Sean Uppercut on Twitter , OR, if you’re a Facebook Purist, Detroit CYDI on Facebook

Extra-balling TRT cover by Sean Anthony Mack of
Extra-balling TRT cover by Sean Anthony Mack of

Can You Dig It? = CYDI

***ILLINGSWORTH flies off in Ironman Suit***

i be….

2 06 2009

greatness from “bamboozled” by Spike Lee….

“kick em to the flo’/ step on them hard”


20 02 2009

Here’s the majority of the FEB 6TH performance,  broken into 4 parts

all vids recorded in flip HD and available in high quality on youtube




5 01 2009

Just in case you aren’t up on what we are doing….here’s a video for NASCAR, edited by Rufio Jones of Detroit CYDI

Reporting from the Detroit CYDI submarine
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